Tuesday, August 4, 2009

new update

dear members
I would like to inform you about the recent progress in the INTACH indore Chapter
1. we have a blog http://intachindore.blogspot.com/
2. INTACH indore chapter has got a office in chetak centre. we are setting up the place and would like to inform you that all your contributions, suggestions are most welcome. we will be very pleased if you would also like to donate any furniture, books, lamps etc on a temporary or permanent basis.
3. we have still got no volunteers for MHOW. I would like to inform you again that INTACH has got special permissions to document, restore and work in cantonments from the ministry of defence. to start with we would like to first document all heritage structures of MHOW.
4. as i had informed you previously INTACH is working on
a. the restoration plan for King Edward Medical Hall at M.Y.H.
b. the restoration and revival , as well as a plan for maintaince of the Krishnapura Chatries.
c the same for the Chatries at Chatribaugh.
d. we are making a proposal to prevent the authorities from demolishing the Ganesh Mandir.
we need volunteers for the same

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  1. Hi I am Dev from Mhow and I just happened to come to know about INTACH Indore's blog through an email forward sent by a friend. I have a blog dedicated to Mhow and this is the url http://bloggerdevkumar.blogspot.com/
    I would love to be associated with INTACH Indore in help in whatever little way I can. Will be emailing you in detail soon. Regards and all the best in your noble endeavours. Dev